Thursday, December 11, 2014

The 'Grosey' List...What Aisle Is That In?

I wrote earlier on FB that I asked Kalisha to write a grocery list for me today. I would tell her the items and she could write them down, since I was busy working in the kitchen.
Kalisha is a voracious reader but she is a notoriously bad speller. I had a language consultant explain it to me a long time ago; she said Kalisha hears dominant sounds in each word and that is what she writes.  She has spelled her sister's name incorrectly for 25 years and probably always will. She spells KARI as KAIR. The K and the R are dominant sounds to her and she puts one in the front and one at the end.
This really doesn't bother me too much; I am very good at phonics and have had lots of practice figuring out the words she writes. I have had a lot of laughs over this too but today was the best.
I told her to abbreviate the words I was giving her and I would figure them out when we got to the store. I am certainly glad I tried deciphering it before we went or I might have been rolling around on the floor in one of the aisles.
We had the grosey list. As you can see, spinach was spinch and condensed milk was con milk (I added the 'd' so I would know what I was looking for), lettuce was letcuess, peppermint sticks were pempint stiks, balsamic vinegar was bals vin and evaporated milk was vaep milk.

The best one was 'man organ.'
Now I have to tell you, my first thought was, "I wonder what aisle those are in"  and "I didn't realize Kroger sold those."

It took me a minute but I finally deciphered it as: Mandarin Oranges.
Maybe next time I won't tell her to try and abbreviate.

I had to share so you could laugh as much as me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Easy For You....

As you know, Kalisha is a bit stuck in 'Hello Kitty' mode. She desperately wanted a fleece, tie blanket with Hello Kitty on it. Each time we entered a fabric store, she looked at every bolt of Hello Kitty fleece.
I tried my best to talk her out of it; "You have 2 Colts blankets" "How many blankets can you put on your bed?" "Christmas is coming" "The fleece with a name is more expensive." It was to no avail.
Last week, she told me the fleece she wanted was on sale for $5.99 a yard and the plain color for the underside was even less. She knew that because she was sent a notice on her phone, of course. She purchased the 2 yards of Hello Kitty and 2 yards of plain pink.
I didn't have time to cut and tie right away. She kept insisting she would tie it. I really did not think her fine motor skills were good enough to tie the edges.
So, we started.....I cut the corners out and tied 4 cuts on each side of a corner. Then I made 5 cuts and tried to show her how to tie them. She just couldn't get the hang of it. Finally, I told her to get her shoe and untie the laces. Then I asked her to tie them. She could do that, so I asked her to tie the strips just like the laces. She kept wanting to make the bow part of shoelaces.
After several attempts, she could do the strips correctly; not exactly the way I do them but the end result was the same. Woo-hoo.
I stopped cutting for a while and when she needed to start again, she had to get her shoe to help her realize how it worked. Soon she was tying faster than I was cutting.
I told her she was done with 2 sides and she could finish tomorrow, but I forgot for a minute this was Kalisha I was talking to. The person whose motto is, "If it's started, let's git 'er done." (That only applies to things she wants done, of course.)
She stuck with it and of course, she finished it.

I was so very proud of her. At the same time, it makes me a little sad; not for her, but for how often I tend to forget just how difficult some things are for her. When I was trying to help her get her fingers in the right places, it seemed so simple to me; but my fingers work fine.
How frustrating it must be to not have your fingers do what you want them to.
I am surprised she is as calm about not 'getting it' right away, as she is. I would be throwing things, I think.
Kalisha is aware and accepting of her limitations, but it is still a very hard thing in her life.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Elation to Deflation

Kalisha is a list maker. She not only makes lists of the things she wants, but she makes a list of the gifts she is purchasing for others. Her Christmas gift list includes her friends and relatives; she makes no differentiation based on who will be able to buy her one in return.

She had every name and gift written down with the price and where she would buy it. No discount stores for this girl; she wanted to be a 'real Christmas shopper' and go from place to place at the mall. Her budget was discussed with her BC and me. She was all set.

We started by having lunch at Coney Island (her choice, not necessarily mine) then to Apple Glen for a few small things, then to Glenbrook Mall. She hopped out of the car and was gone before I locked the car. This was her day and we know, it ALL had to be purchased on one day. I bought a cup of coffee, found a good "people watching' spot and waited for her.

She found me; her hands full of bags and the most elated look on her face. Her cheeks were rosy, she was smiling from ear to ear and was breathless. She could hardly wait to tell me about her purchases. She got everything on the list, including a $17 pillow for a friend who is never going to be able to spend even $1 on Kalisha. But that is okay; it was what the friend said she wanted. She bought a $25 Sears gift card for her dad and his wife.

It was fun seeing her so happy and I was smiling as much as she was. We went to the lockers so she could retrieve her coat. I said, "Turn around so I can take a picture."
I was so busy checking my phone to see if the picture turned out okay, I didn't notice the package on the ground. When we got home and were retrieving packages from the trunk, she asked, "Where is my Sears package?"

It was nowhere to be found. I drove back to the mall, she went to Sears and the mall office and left her name and number in case someone would turn it in. She was devastated; it nearly ruined the whole experience for her. I felt so bad for her; the disappointment was palpable.

She learned several things: Put small bags inside big bags so they don't slip out of your hands and always put receipts inside your purse instead of the bag. (If Sears had the receipt, they could have cancelled the card and issued a new one)
We discussed the positives: Perhaps the person who found it could really use it for a gift for a child or someone who needed it. AND it was $25 and not $50 or $100.

She has recovered and has everything already wrapped and under her little tree in her room.
She has moved on and accepted it for what it is. Perhaps we could learn a lesson from Kalisha.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So...basically, I'm lying to America.

To say Kalisha doesn't always 'think things through' is an understatement. She is often a shoot from the hip kind of girl. Today's post is about yesterday, when she definitely gave me no warning of her actions.
In the morning, Kalisha's BC, (behavior consultant,) was here and we discussed what and how much, she could spend on Wednesday, when her check was deposited to her checking account.
At 11:00, my friend, Patti, came for a visit. Around noon, I called Kalisha to come have lunch with us. Following, is the conversation for the next 20 minutes.

Kalisha: "I can't eat right now because a reporter from Channel 15 is coming to interview me."

Me: "Really? What for?"   ( I was hoping they were finally going to interview her about the book I wrote about her.)

Kalisha: "About shopping on Cyber Monday."

Me: "How did she find you?"

Kalisha: "Well, she is my friend on FB and she asked if anyone who was shopping online today would want to be interviewed and I said I would."

Me: "When are they coming?"

K: "She said they would be here in 5 minutes."

Me: "What!? 5 minutes? You should have had a shower and washed your hair, don'tcha think? Besides, you aren't shopping today. Remember, you can't shop until Wednesday."

Patti: "If you say you are shopping today and you aren't, that's a lie, right?"

K: "So, basically, you are saying I am lying to America."

Patti and me: "Yep. That's about it. Why don't you text her and tell her not to come?"

K: "She's probably on her way."

(Here is where Kalisha's desire to be on TV overtook her always honest personality.)

Me: "Okay, but you have to be interviewed on the front porch (enclosed) or outside; not in here."

K: "Why not inside? I thought you liked our house."

Me: "I love our house, but would prefer to have a bit of notice before having a TV camera inside."

Patti: (trying to convince her) "Besides, if people see some things in your house, they might decide to find your house and steal something"

Me: "Okay, I know you don't ever want to lie, so as soon as they are gone, transfer some money to your checking account and buy the things you were going to buy on Wednesday."

Okay, they came, interviewed her (I did not go out; this was her 'deal') and she came in and ate lunch. She transferred the money and bought the items she wanted. We waited...Kalisha, excitedly, and me, with a bit of trepidation...for the 6pm news. There she was, on the front steps.

Later, I asked, "Did they ask to come inside?"
Kalisha: "Yeah, but I told them my mom was afraid someone would steal our furniture."  Oh good grief

*If you knew how old our furniture is, you would find that especially hilarious.
I am going to e-mail that sweet reporter today and try to explain.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Reading EVERY Word

Kalisha loves to read. She currently has at least 15 books checked out from the library.

 The stack on the table are the ones she is currently reading. I have written in the past how she reads 5-6 books at a time; one chapter in each one and then she starts with the first one again when it is her next 'reading time.'
She has certain times during the day when she has to read.
She also likes to read aloud. That is ok with me, most of the time. If we are watching TV together, she reads aloud during commercials, then she closes the book until the next commercial. If it is a program she doesn't care about watching, she reads to herself between commercials so I can watch it. I don't watch many programs, but as we watched the Colts game yesterday, she would read during every commercial. It is a bit annoying but probably better than the commercials anyway.

The ones she hasn't started yet are in her bookbag. They are there because her mother gets tired of seeing 15 books on the floor by the chair or couch.

If you are regular readers of this blog, you already know those facts. However, last week, she amazed me. She really does like words and perhaps the sound of the words swirling in her head.
I purchased a paperback for me to read this Christmas season. It is 4 stories, loosely connected from one generation to the next. It has no pictures, very small print and 397 pages. Kalisha asked if she could read it. I said, "Of course, but it might be boring for you." (I had not read it yet so I was hoping there weren't any steamy love scenes in it)

I really didn't think she would finish it and I wasn't sure if she would 'get it.'
When she used to read books I had read, such as Little House on the Prairie and Boxcar Children, I would occasionally quiz her to see if she had retained any of it. She could nearly always, give me a fairly accurate, Cliff Notes version.
She stuck with this book. She read every word, probably 50,000 at least. I was impressed. I read it one afternoon (when I start, I finish, if it holds my interest) and later asked her a few questions about some of the events. She didn't know the answers. That's when I realized part of her reading is just to see and hear the words in her head, even if the sentence structure may be difficult. This novella would have been difficult for her because due to the time periods, there were words she has probably never seen or heard. I praised her for finishing it. I don't think I would read that many chapters of something I didn't understand. It would be similar to reading a medical journal for most of us. She is my daughter for sure; she loves words. YAY


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